• Falkland Curling Club – Opening Bonspiel 2011

    Falkland Curling Club held its opening Bonspiel at Kinross Ice Rink on the evening of Wednesday 28th September 2011. A total of six rinks took part and, from the outset competition was fierce.

  • Royal Club Annual

    The Royal Club Annual for 2011 -12 is now on sale.  
    Order forms can be obtained here.
  • Delay to start of season at Perth

    Perth Ice Rink advise that their season will start on Monday (26th September) following the delay caused by technical difficulties in making their ice.  Any further updates will be posted here and can also be found at the rinks website here.

  • RCCC Website

    You will notice that in the last few days the front page of the RCCC website has changed to the front page of their website providers 'SportFocus'. The RCCC site, as we know it, appears to have been taken offline. There is a way of navigating past the 'Sportfocus' front page to the RCCC content now being hosted by them but it is a bit confusing to say the least.  To make it a bit easier to access what information is left, the link on this site has been updated with a shortcut to that information.  You can also go directly to that content by using this link. 
  • Bowling Fixture

    The annual bowling fixture of Falkland Curling Club versus Freuchie Bowling Club took place on Saturday 10th September 2011 at Freuchie.  A total of 26 players took part - 13 bowlers and 13 curlers.  Several witnesses to the afternoons proceedings will contest that the curlers were hampered by the rule that we are not allowed to sweep the grass in front of a played bool. I am told that had this rule not been imposed that Falkland would have carried off an historic victory.Bowling 2011 Pic1

    Other witnesses - bowlers in particular - would contest that the curlers were given every chance to shine but failed to take advantage.  The final score remains a mystery to this reporter but perhaps that is for the best as the curlers appear to have come second.  


    All taking part agree that, despite the short delay caused by an afternoon shower, everybody had a great time.  Especial praise was reserved for the meal served up by the bowlers after the match and their usual hospitality in hosting the match in an especially enjoyable spirit of sporting fellowship.

    Bowling 2011 Pic3

    Pics kindly provided by Elizabeth Hutchison

  • Opening Bonspiel

    Our opening Bonspiel is scheduled for 7.45 pm on Wednesday 28th September 2011 at Kinross.  We have 3 sheets booked so need 24 curlers. This event is always a good opportunity for a good number of our members to get together for the first time after the summer and exchange gossip.

    John Fairfield, our Match Secretary will, as always, be turning his phone red hot calling on volunteers but why not make it a bit easier for him this season and contact him directly to advise him whether you can or cannot manage this event?  You can contact him via e-mail through this link?

  • Website History

    Our new website is proving popular and it's good to see people visiting it already.  We hope that club members find it informative and useful.

    We used to show our news and other articles on a micro-site hosted by the RCCC but recent problems with a launch of a new version of that site meant that members were finding it very difficult to access.  We decided, therefore, to go our own way as other local clubs have done recently and we are removing the out-of-date content from the RCCC site. 

    This move means that we have far more control over our website content and can make it unique to Falkland CC.

    We are indebted to George Wilson, one of our honorary non-playing members for looking after our old site over the last few years.  George joined Falkland Curling Club in 1966 and has been a stalwart supporter of our club over the years.  George did an excellent job looking after our website and making sure it was fresh and up-to-date and he has our thanks for the work he did for the club.

    We all know of funny and sad stories about the club and its members over the years but few are written down.  George has agreed to help us bring some of those stories to life and put them onto the website so that newer members (the Secretary included) can understand a bit more about the traditions and history of our great club.  The stories and history, when ready, will be posted on the 'Sweepings' page.

  • Cupar Province League Results

    Cupar Province results for 2011 -12 can be found here.

  • Falkland Curling Club Golf Outing 2011

    What do curlers do when all the ice is melted and there are no more games left to play?  They turn to the sport of golf of course! Golf 

    In recognition of this Falkland hold an annual golf tournament, the Stableford Competition, playing for the prestegeous 'Fairfield Trolley' golf trophy 

    The competition was played at Dunnikier Golf Course, Kirkcaldy this summer and keenly contested by thirteen members and guests of Falkland Curling Club with Steve Taylor, past President of Falkland Curling Club, winning with an impressive total of 36 points.

    Well done Steve! 

    Winner Steve Taylor being presented with the trophy by John Fairfield
  • Silver Kettle 2011

    Falkland and Stratheden Curling Clubs held their annual Silver Kettle competition on Saturday 12th February 2011 at Kinross Curling Rink.  Both clubs have a long history of competition between each other with the Silver Kettle competition being one of the longest running and keenest fought for in the curling calendar. The clubs first played against each other, for a District Medal, in January 1863.

    The Silver Kettle, played for in this competition, was purchased in 1875 for £6, for competition between the two Clubs and was first contested for in 1877 when there was sufficient outside ice.  The last time it was competed for on outside ice was in 1964.  Since then it has been played for on what our forefathers refer to as “artificial ice” at Perth and Kinross.
    This year the competition was won by Falkland with 26 points over Strathedens’ 22.  The competition was very hard fought this year by all three rinks with some tense moments throughout with the final outcome not being assured until almost the last stone of the match.

    Sandy Matthews presents the Kettle to Angus Thomson

    Sandy Matthews presents the Kettle to Angus Thomson

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